by Solomon Robson

" Wherever I go I am here, for I cannot go anywhere else. Wherever I move my conscience in time, it is now. Whatever I handle or hold, it is this. 'There' becomes 'Here' when I get there. 'Then' becomes 'Now' when it is. 'That' becomes 'This' when I look at it. "

From "Zen Buddhism" by Christmas Humphries



" The music of a well-ordered age is calm and cheerful and so is its government. The music of a restive age is excited and fierce and its government is perverted. The music of a decaying state is sentimental and sad, and its government is imperilled."

Hermann Hesse "The Glass Bead Game"

This is the Age of Thatcher, Reagan, the Evil Empire, the Berlin Wall, and Mutually Assured Destruction.

" The saxophone is an instrument whose tone colour is between that of the brass and the woodwinds. But it even reminds one, though more remotely, of the sound of the strings. I think its main advantage is the greatly varied beauty in it's different possibilities of expression. At one time deeply quiet, at another full of emotion; dreamy, melancholic, sometimes with the hush of an echo."

Hector Berlioz ( 1842 )

This represents the Zenith of the Saxophone: one of the instrument's most

extra-ordinary exponents

"One has the impression of a man who not only could translate his ideas into notes at superhuman speed, but who was simultaneously aware of half a dozen ways of resolving any given musical situation, and could somehow refer to all of them in passing beyond it."

Philip Larkin, referring to Charlie Parker

This is the Next Big Thing : Punk Jazz, Jazz Punk, contemporary urban music + found objects = Junk Music - a whole new genre.

"Xero Slingsby is better than Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, er Jimi Hendrix, erm Duke Ellington and Count Basie all put together.....'cause he's still alive!"

Still-alive by solomonrobson

Xerophones Jedekiah Slingsby (1984)

This is........Now...Then


1.Now Then


3.Triumph of the Proletariat

4.The Bass Clarinet

5.Joshua Tetley

6.The Mauve Mercedes with the Padlock on the Boot

7.Three Men in a Tub

8.Hurricane Damage in Leeds

9.Revenge of the Kerbstones

10.Xero and the Law (part one)

11.Out of the Wok and into the Aga

12.Xero and the Law (part two)

13.Is this Jazz ?

14.Introducing our compere for tonight....the fabulous, the one and only Tubby Titters

15.You used to be able to get them from Chemists                            ©DenisDalby

16.Found Objects


17.Did you watch the World Cup Final?


18.Ant at home, Elephant abroad


19.Xero and the Law (part three)

20.A Dove Tail Joint

21.Tom Waits for no Man

22.Image Kitchen and Bedroom Fittings

23.A High in the Low Countries

24.Gentse Feesten (the energique super fast funky punky speedy free jazz chapter)

25.Xero and the Law (part four)

26.Shadows and Hungry Ghosts

27.The Cri de Coeur

28.The Snake

29.The Operation

30.Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today....

31.The End

32.Somewhere Over The Rainbow

33.Pixieland - Where All The Dead Jazz People Go



"So that was the beginning, the first meeting with (Xero) and I was quite impressed...Not because he was such a virtuoso saxophone he had his own style, he was full of expression, it was loaded...with protest and feelings and everything. To me it was complete" Paul Feyaerts