Chapter 6

The Mauve Mercedes With The Padlock on the Boot


play The Mauve Mercedes With The Padlock on the Boot


the mauve mercedes with the padlock on the boot by solomonrobson


WDR: "In your time playing together, do you feel like you've improved?"

Gene: "No, not really"

Louis: "I know how to play in the key of C now. I couldn't before."

Gene: "I can play with both drum sticks as well"

Xero: "I know what all the things do on my saxophone. Except one thing. There's just one, at the top. A sort of twiddly thing that I don't know what it does but you can make dead good noises with it, but I don't know what it's supposed to be for. I know what all the notes are."

WDR: "You know what?"

Xero: "I know what all the notes are on my saxophone"

WDR: " No, but I mean, seriously like, in terms of..."

Xero: " It is serious! You just shut your eyes and wiggle your fingers, or hit things, or twang things, depending on who you are. And if you make a mistake you just repeat it a few times and hope that noone notices."

WDR: " Ok well then tell me..You know the one with the What The Something The Lock on the Mauve...."

Gene: "The Mauve Mercedes"

Everyone: "The Mauve Mercedes with the Padlock on the Boot"

WDR: " Now where did you get a name like that?"

Xero: (Rubbing his hands together with glee and grinning profusely) " Ah now we can talk about this!"

Gene: "This is Leeds "

Louis: "This is Leeds for you, yeah!"

Xero: "Yeah you don't know you're born......Well, the Mauve Mercedes with the Padlock on the Boot - Oh yeah - Translation Tip! - Mauve means Purple. The Mauve Mercedes with the Padlock on the Boot parks near the Newlands Hotel another Joshua Tetley pub..."

WDR: "So this Joshua Tetley is quite well known, no?"

Xero (Chuckling): "......In Leeds, yeah....He's a popular chap....Er and The Mauve Mercedes parks near the Newlands Hotel on Hyde Park Road and we often go and look at it - it's a lovely motor. It's an E registered Mercedes saloon. Fins on the back. Big radiator grill. Purple. And a padlock on the boot - unfortunately - he must have broken the nice padlock cause it's just got this cheap Halfords one on. It's a great car - it looks like a vacuum cleaner at the front. We like it. We often walk miles out of our way just to have a look at it. It's got round headlamps, not long ones. No sunshine roof - Unfortunately it's got separate front seats, not a bench seat, but if it had a bench seat, it'd be perfect.

We liked it so much that we did a tune for it......

WDR: (Laughing with disbelief)

Xero: " It's got good tyres, but not white wall."

Gene: " Certainly not !"

Xero: " Certainly not. Lots of chrome. Still got the CND badge on the front - nobody's broken it off yet......I'm running out of steam a bit here

(laughs all round)




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