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Solomon Robson is a (hobby) writer, (amateur) photographer and (volunteer community radio) broadcaster living on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.


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Warning: Drug References, Adult Concepts, Coarse Language, Filthy Jazz


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© 2003 - the author asserts his copyright under international laws - well, at least for the bits that are his anyway. If your name is missing below, please let him know so that the situation can be rectified.

The tunes are owned by Colan/Slingsby/Velocette i.e.The Works ;The recordings of "Shove It" and "Up Down" were P & C 1985 Paan Produktion and P & C 1986 HeartBeat Musikproduktion, respectively and are used here with kind permission from The Works and Paul Grau. They are not to be reproduced or republished without permission; Thank you kindly to all of the above for the use of them here! A particular Thank You to Sally Coe.

Many of the photos were in newspapers, magazines, on album covers or on the web by (mostly) persons unknown - but particular thanks to Denis Dalby for some great portraits and for his lovely penned memories on the Matthew Coe Memorial Wall

Photos in chapter 32: Australian flora and fauna courtesy Rae Rawson; Global Carnival Double Rainbow courtesy Tim Page and used with kind permission; Jacaranda in bloom courtesy Gethin Coles. Ta to the Global Carnival for some festival photos from their website.Thanks also to Daniel Rawson for the use of the one of me at the top of this page, and of the "infinity of fruit bats" at the very end.

Many thanks to photographic artist Barbara Wüllenweber. She was clearing out her old dark room and discovered some photos of Xero Slingsby and The Works Live at the Luxor in Koln in the Eighties. Thank you Barbara for sharing them - you'll find them dotted throughout the story - and thanks also to Anne Reinhardt and Birgit Virnich for organising the picking up and passing on of these intriguing images..

By and large, the writing is mine - well, apart from the bits that are nicked from interviews by Leeds Other Paper, or from a recording of an interview by Birgit Virnich for WDR, a German Radio Station.  Oh, and the poem “At Cooloola” is from Judith Wright’s Collected Poems - Angus & Robertson (1975).

Music from "Knocking on Kevin's Door" in Chapter 32 is reproduced with kind permission of Linsey Pollak.

Excerpt from Documentary "A Town Like New Orleans" BBC Leeds (1982) - Director Ian McNulty; Cameraman John Howarth.

The newly unearthed videos on the Xero's myspace, facebook and on youtube which now adorn this story were initially (and brilliantly!) shot by a cameraman in Koln whose name eludes me. They were then discovered in an archaeological dig in Paul Grau's shed in Spain in 2006 and digitised (kindly) by Thorsten Schmidt in Berlin. Thank you Thorsten. As one person put it on myspace : "They are Video Gold!"

...And I have absolutely no idea who took the above photo of Xero Slingsby in full flight at his beloved Cafe Damberd mid-Gentse Feesten, but I hope they don't mind it being reproduced here. It's very good indeed and captures Matthew so flipping well.